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Are you a senior professional who suddenly found yourself bewildered by a job search?
Or perhaps, you're eyeing a shift in industry or function, but feel like a rookie in an unfamiliar field?
Maybe, you've taken a career hiatus, and now you’re gearing up to make a grand comeback in the job market. 

That's where our Career Transition Coaching steps in.

  • Imagine being equipped with the ability to identify untapped opportunities, that exist but are hiding in plain sight.

  • Envision presenting yourself powerfully, tailored to match the dynamic requirements of today's fiercely competitive market.

  • Picture selling your unique life story, leveraging your background and experience that distinguishes you from the crowd.

Ready to step into the new chapter of your professional life? Let’s navigate this exciting transition together, creating the unfolding story of your career!


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We create resumes that impress recruiters and hiring managers and get you more interviews.


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We optimize your profile so you rank higher in searches and strengthen your professional brand.

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Your job search coach is Regina Angeles, a talent acquisition pro with 15+ years of experience in executive search and corporate recruiting. She has successfully helped jobseekers during three major economic downturns find new roles and executes complete career transitions. 

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